Baby name 2012

Abiela (Hebrew) My father is
Abielah, Abiella, Abiellah,
Abyela, Abyelah, Abyella,
TAbigail (Hebrew) The source
of a father’s joy
Abagail, Abbigail, Abigael,
Abigale, Abbygail, Abygail,
Abygayle, Abbygayle, Abbegale,
Abby, Abbagail, Abbey, Abbie,
Abbi, Abigayle
Abijah (Hebrew) My father is
Abija, Abisha, Abishah, Abiah,
Abia, Aviah, Avia
Abila (Spanish) One who is
Abilah, Abyla, Abylah
Abilene (American / Hebrew)
From a town in Texas /
resembling grass
Abalene, Abalina, Abilena,
Abiline, Abileene, Abileen,
Abileena, Abilyn
Abir (Arabic) Having a fragrant
Abeer, Abyr, Abire, Abeere,
Abbir, Abhir
Abira (Hebrew) A source of
strength; one who is strong
Abera, Abyra, Abyrah, Abirah,
Abbira, Abeerah
Abra (Hebrew / Arabic)
Feminine form of Abraham;
mother of a multitude;
mother of nations / lesson;
Abri, Abrah, Abree, Abria,
Abbra, Abrah, Abbrah
Abril (Spanish / Portuguese)
Form of April, meaning
opening buds of spring
Academia (Latin) From a community
of higher learning
Akademia, Academiah,
Acantha (Greek) Thorny; in
mythology, a nymph who was
loved by Apollo
Akantha, Ackantha, Acanthah,
Akanthah, Ackanthah
Accalia (Latin) In mythology,
the foster mother of Romulus
and Remus
Accaliah, Acalia, Accalya,
Acalya, Acca, Ackaliah, Ackalia
Adah (Hebrew) Ornament;
beautiful addition to the
Adda, Adaya, Ada
Adanna (African) Her father’s
daughter; a father’s pride
Adana, Adanah, Adannah,
Adanya, Adanyah
Adanne (African) Her
daughter; a
Adane, Adayne, Adaine,
Adayn, Adain, Adaen, Adaene
Adara (Greek / Arabic)
Beautiful girl / chaste one;
Adair, Adare, Adaire, Adayre,
Adarah, Adarra, Adaora, Adar
Addin (Hebrew) One who is
adorned; voluptuous
Addine, Addyn, Addyne
^TAddison (English) Daughter
of Adam
Addeson, Addyson, Adison,
Adisson, Addisyn, Adyson
Adeen (Irish) Little fire shining
Adeene, Adean, Adeane, Adein,
Adeine, Adeyn, Adeyne
Adela (German) Of the nobility;
serene; of good humor
Adele, Adelia, Adella, Adelle,
Adelie, Adelina, Adali
Adelaide (German) Of the
nobility; serene; of good
^Adeline (German) Form of
Adela, meaning of the nobility
Adalyn, Adalynn, Adelyn,
Adianca (Native American)
One who brings peace
Adianka, Adyanca, Adyanka
Adira (Hebrew / Arabic)
Powerful, noble woman / having
great strength
Adirah, Adeera, Adyra,
Adeerah, Adyrah, Adeira,
Adeirah, Adiera
Admina (Hebrew) Daughter of
the red earth
Adminah, Admeena, Admyna,
Admeenah, Admynah,
Adoración (Spanish) Having
the adoration of all
Adra (Arabic) One who is
chaste; a virgin
TAdriana (Greek) Feminine
form of Adrian; from the
Adriatic Sea region; woman
with dark features
Adria, Adriah, Adrea, Adreana,
Adreanna, Adrienna, Adriane,
Adriene, Adrie, Adrienne,
Adrianna, Adrianne, Adriel
Adrina (Italian) Having great
Adrinna, Adreena, Adrinah,
Adryna, Adreenah, Adrynah
Aegea (Latin / Greek) From
the Aegean Sea / in mythology,
a daughter of the sun who
was known for her beauty
Aegina (Greek) In mythology,
a sea nymph
Aeginae, Aegyna, Aegynah
Aelwen (Welsh) Woman with
a fair brow
Aelwenn, Aelwenne, Aelwin,
Aelwinn, Aelwinne, Aelwyn,
Aelwynn, Aelwynne
Aerwyna (English) A friend of
the ocean
Afra (Hebrew / Arabic) Young
doe / white; an earth color
Affra, Affrah, Afrah, Afrya,
Afryah, Afria, Affery, Affrie
Afrodille (French) Daffodil;
showy and vivid
Afrodill, Afrodil, Afrodile,
Afrodilla, Afrodila
Afton (English) From the
Afton river
Agave (Greek) In mythology, a
queen of Thebes
Agnes (Greek) One who is
pure; chaste
Agneis, Agnese, Agness, Agnies,
Agnus, Agna, Agne, Agnesa,
Nessa, Oona
Agraciana (Spanish) One who
Agracianna, Agracyanna,
Agracyana, Agraciann,
Agraciane, Agracyann,
Agracyane, Agracianne
Agrona (Celtic) In mythology,
the goddess of war and death
Agronna, Agronia, Agrone
Ahelia (Hebrew) Breath; a
source of life
Ahelie, Ahelya, Aheli, Ahelee,
Aheleigh, Ahelea, Aheleah,
Ahellona (Greek) Woman who
has masculine qualities
Ahelona, Ahellonna, Ahelonna
Ahinoam (Hebrew) In the
Bible, one of David’s wives
Ahuva (Hebrew) One who is
dearly loved
Ahuvah, Ahuda, Ahudah
Aida (English / French /
Arabic) One who is wealthy;
prosperous / one who is helpful
/ a returning visitor
Ayda, Aydah, Aidah, Aidee,
Aidia, Aieeda, Aaida
Aidan (Gaelic) One who is
fiery; little fire
Aiden, Adeen, Aden, Aideen,
Adan, Aithne, Aithnea, Ajthne
Aiko (Japanese) Little one who
is dearly loved
Ailbhe (Irish) Of noble character;
one who is bright
Aileen (Irish / Scottish) Light
bearer / from the green
Ailean, Ailein, Ailene, Ailin,
Aillen, Ailyn, Alean, Aleane
Ailis (Irish) One who is noble
and kind
Ailish, Ailyse, Ailesh, Ailisa,
Ailna (German) One who is
sweet and pleasant; of the
Ain (Irish / Arabic) In mythology,
a woman who wrote laws
to protect the rights of women
/ precious eye
Aine (Celtic) One who brings
brightness and joy
Aingeal (Irish) Heaven’s messenger;
Ainsley (Scottish) One’s own
Ainslie, Ainslee, Ainsly, Ainslei,
Aynslie, Aynslee, Aynslie,
Aionia (Greek) Everlasting life
Aioniah, Aionea, Aioneah,
Ayonia, Ayoniah, Ayonea,
Airic (Celtic) One who is pleasant
and agreeable
Airick, Airik, Aeric, Aerick, Aerik
Aisha (Arabic, African) lively;
Aiesha, Ayisha, Myisha
Aisling (Irish) A dream or
vision; an inspiration
Aislin, Ayslin, Ayslinn, Ayslyn,
Ayslynn, Aislyn, Aisylnn,
Aislinn, Isleen
Aitheria (Greek) Of the wind
Aitheriah, Aitherea, Aithereah,
Aytheria, Aytheriah, Aytherea,
Ajaya (Hindi) One who is
invincible; having the power
of a god
Aka (Maori / Turkish)
Affectionate one / in mythology,
a mother goddess
Akah, Akka, Akkah
Akili (Tanzanian) Having great
Akilea, Akilee, Akilie, Akylee,
Akylie, Akyli, Akileah
Akilina (Latin) Resembling an
Akilinah, Akileena, Akilyna,
Akilinna, Ackilina, Acilina,
Akylina, Akylyna
Akira (Scottish) One who acts
as an anchor
Akera, Akerra, Akiera, Akirah,
Akiria, Akyra, Akirrah, Akeri,
Akeira, Akeara
Aksana (Russian) Form of
Oksana, meaning “hospitality”
Aksanna, Aksanah, Aksannah
Alaia (Arabic / Basque) One
who is majestic, of high
worth joy
Alaya, Alayah, Alaiah
Alaina (French) Beautiful and
fair woman; dear child.
Alayna, Alaine, Alayne,
Alainah, Alana, Alanah,
Alanna, Alannah, Alanis,
Alyn, Alani, Alanni, Alaney;
Alanney; Alanie
Alair (French) One who has a
cheerful disposition
Alaire, Allaire, Allair, Aulaire,
Alayr, Alayre, Alaer
Alanza (Spanish) Feminine
form of Alonzo; noble and
ready for battle
Alarice (German) Feminine
form of Alaric; ruler of all
Alarise, Allaryce, Alarica,
Alarisa, Alaricia, Alrica
Alcina (Greek) One who is
strong-willed and opinionated
Alceena, Alcyna, Alsina,
Alsyna, Alzina, Alcine, Alcinia,
Alda (German / Spanish)
Long-lived, old / wise; an
Aldah, Aldine, Aldina, Aldinah,
Aldene, Aldona
Aldis (English) From the
ancient house
Aldys, Aldiss, Aldisse, Aldyss,
Aldonsa (Spanish) One who is
kind and gracious
Aldonza, Aldonsia, Aldonzia
Aleah (Arabic) Exalted
Alea, Alia, Aliah, Aliana,
Aleen (Celtic) Form of Helen,
meaning “the shining light”
Aleena, Aleenia, Alene, Alyne,
Alena, Alenka, Alynah, Aleine
Alegria (Spanish) One who is
cheerful and brings happiness
to others
Alegra, Aleggra, Allegra,
Alleffra, Allecra
Alera (Latin) Resembling an
Alerra, Aleria, Alerya, Alerah,
Alethea (Greek) One who is
Altheia, Lathea, Lathey,
Alexa (Greek) Form of
Alexandra, meaning “helper
and defender of mankind”
Aleka, Alexia
TAlexandra (Greek) Feminine
form of Alexander; a helper
and defender of mankind
Alexandria, Alexandrea,


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